Providing commercial support throughout the construction & infrastructure project lifecycle


Provia skoodhyans Kenwerthel dres an Gylghres Vewnans a Ragdresow Drehevyans & Isframweyth.



We provide robust commercial solutions to assist your project, whether it be in pre-construction, construction or after practical completion.

Construction Management

  • Trade Contractor Procurement

  • Package Management

  • Project Reporting

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Construction Management
Construction Managament

Contract Administration

  • Inspecting the Works

  • Contract Instructions

  • Authorising Interim Payments

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Contract Administration
Contract Administration

Commercial Management

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  • Procurement & Contractual Advice

  • Contractor Selection & Tender Reporting

  • Interim Valuations

  • Management of Variations

  • Programme Management

  • Cost Value Reconciliation

  • Loss & Expense

  • Cost to Complete

  • Claims Advice

  • Negotiation & Settlement of Final Account

  • Retention Recovery


Cost Management

  • Project Cost Monitoring

  • Value Engineering

  • Value Management

  • Cost Planning

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Cost Management
Cost Management

Quantity Surveying

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  • Benchmarking

  • Feasibility Studies

  • Estimating

  • Procurement Strategy

  • Preparation of Tender & Contract Documentation

  • Financial Reporting

Quantity Surveying
quantity surveying

How I can help

KCML is a Professional Services consultancy, working within the Construction and Infrastructure sectors, both nationally and internationally.

KCML yw kussulva rag Gonisyow Galwesik, hag a ober y’n ranngylghyow Drehevyans hag Isframweyth, hag yn kenedhlek keffrys hag yn keswlasek.


We actively promote partnering, encourage collaboration based on mutual trust and cooperation, whilst providing a rigorous and robust approach towards contractual entitlements, thus securing and delivering value for our clients.

Yth avonsyn yn hweythresek kowethya, keffrys ha kenertha kesoberyans selys war gesfydhyans ha kespareth, yn-dann brovia stons dour ha krev dhe wiryow yn-dann gevambos, yndella diogeli ha delivra talvosogeth rag agan Kliensow.



A collection of my work across the Construction and Infrastructure sectors

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Life Sciences

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We were very grateful to acquire KCML's assistance on short notice and have a detailed report delivered to us in a timely manner. All communication was very clear and helpful and we would recommend their service to others.

Enya Nilis, Paterson & Cooke (UK) Ltd

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